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What steps to expect from the divorce process

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2024 | Divorce |

Making the decision to end a marriage will bring different changes to multiple areas of a person’s life. From your personal residence to your daily finances, you will experience challenges and go through transitions starting from the moment you choose to move forward with this process. The unknown can be daunting, and you may feel unsure about what to expect as you move forward.

One thing that may be useful for you is to learn as much as possible about what to expect from the divorce process. This understanding can be helpful as you move forward and seek a resolution that will allow you to look to the future with confidence. Even if you expect your divorce to be amicable and straightforward, you will benefit from preparing for what is ahead.

Protect your interests from the start

A significant benefit of divorce preparation is that it will equip you to better protect your interests from the start. When you know what to expect, it is likely that you can make thoughtful decisions that will have positive results now and in the future. While each divorce is different, you can likely expect the following from this process:

  • Write and file the divorce petition, which includes details about why the person is filing for divorce and what he or she is asking from the other party
  • Serving the complaint to the other party that informs him or her of the intent to divorce
  • Starting the property division process, which includes the division of all marital assets
  • Using mediation or other method for reaching a settlement, or going to court
  • Getting the New Jersey family court’s approval for any settlement agreement made between the two parties

What you will experience during your divorce is unique to you and your goals, cooperation between parties and many other factors. However, a familiarity with the legal steps you need to take can help you move forward intentionally.

Much is on the line

During your divorce, there is a lot on the line for you and your children. However, there are things you can do that will allow you to achieve the best and strongest post-divorce future for all of you. As you look to what is ahead, you will benefit from seeking professional advice regarding how you can avoid problems and fight for your preferred terms during your divorce.