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Handing High-Asset Divorces And Mediation

There are many complex issues that must be addressed when parties divorce; however some of the most complex issues occur in high-asset and high-income divorce cases. When divorcing couples have a high net worth, experts are generally needed to assist the attorney and to ensure each party’s interests are protected. Hiring a Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney and Approved Family Law Mediator who is experienced with high-income and high-asset divorce matters is critical to a fair outcome for both parties.

Faith Ullmann are Certified Matrimonial Law Attorneys and Approved Family Law Mediators who have divorce litigation, trial experience and mediation experience. The attorneys at Faith A. Ullmann & Assoc. LLC, have handled numerous high-income and high-asset divorce cases as well as mediated numerous divorcing couples of high net worth. Faith and Dina have each been appointed by the courts as a mediator and parenting coordinator on numerous high-asset and high-income cases, including those that involve:

  • Business and partnership interests: When a divorcing couple share an interest in a business, or when a business is owned and operated by only one spouse, whether a sole proprietorship, partnership or a corporate member, it is critical to obtain a fair market valuation of the business interest. A cash flow analysis may also be necessary to determine the total income available to the business-owner spouse, including in-kind benefits such as personal expenses, car expenses and other expenses paid by or through the business. At Faith A. Ullmann & Assoc. LLC, our experienced lawyers will ensure that qualified business valuation experts and appraisers are engaged to determine a fair value of the business and all income available to that spouse, as well as to handle the inherently difficult factors linked with negotiating or trying the equitable distribution of a business.
  • Stock and other forms of deferred compensation: When high-income, high-asset couples divorce, there may be stock, stock options, restricted stock units and other forms of deferred compensation that need to be carefully evaluated for income and equitable distribution purposes. An experienced accountant, specializing in forensic analysis, may assist the attorney in determining values of all deferred compensation, when necessary. Faith and Dina are highly experienced in handling high-asset, high-income cases involving various levels of deferred compensation. Whether through mediation or divorce litigation, the attorneys at Faith A. Ullmann & Assoc. LLC, will assist the parties, with or without a forensic accountant, in determining whether such assets should be treated as “income” for support purposes or “assets” for equitable distribution purposes or both.
  • Custody, experts and relocation matters: When children are involved in high-income, high-asset divorce, and post-judgment custody and relocation matters, conflicts can escalate and legal fees and expert fees often mount due to the resources available to fund continued, acrimonious litigation. Engaging an approved mediator and/or certified parenting coordinator, can significantly reduce litigation expenses and assist the parties in making decisions that are in the best interest of the children, rather than leaving these matters to the court. When necessary, a custody expert will be brought into the mediation or litigation process to ensure that the best interests of the children are served and the rights of each parent are protected. Faith A. Ullmann are  certified matrimonial law attorneys, approved mediators and certified parent coordinators. Dina is frequently appointed as Guardian ad Litem in complex custody issues. Each lawyer has handled numerous high-income, high-asset and high-conflict custody and relocation matters. A psychological evaluation can be court-ordered in divorce cases to determine the mental and emotional stability of one or both spouses. Child custody issues are the primary area wherein a psychological evaluation may be ordered. As an experienced divorce attorneys, Faith A. Ullmann & Assoc. LLC, can ensure that your rights are protected before, during, and after this process.
  • Employability experts and imputation of income: When one spouse has been out of the employment sector for any number of years, an employability expert may be needed to assist in determining the earning potential of the nonworking spouse. In high-income and high-asset cases, the earning potential of the non-working spouse may assist in determining a fair level of rehabilitative alimony and then a step-down in alimony over a period of time.

Seeking the counsel of an experienced divorce attorney is imperative in a high-asset, high-income and high-conflict divorce matter. If you or someone you know is considering a divorce in New Jersey that involves high income and high assets, the experienced attorneys at Faith A. Ullmann & Assoc. LLC, in Newton, Sussex County and Warren County, New Jersey, are here to help. There is no need to travel to other counties and pay exorbitant legal fees to a large law firm when FFaith A. Ullmann & Assoc. LLC, can handle your high-income, high-asset divorce matter or mediation.

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