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Rebuilding Your Life During And After Divorce

While getting divorced is almost always emotionally difficult, you can turn to Faith A. Ullmann & Assoc. LLC, to ease the transition. Our lawyers are both Certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as Matrimonial Law attorneys. Our lawyers are experienced Parenting Coordinators, Family Law Mediators is often appointed by the court as Guardian ad Litem to address the best interests of children in family court disputes. We are extensively experienced with representing clients in divorce. Our team will help you avoid the roadblocks and errors that can make a divorce more expensive and emotionally draining than it has to be. However, when the opposing party is unreasonable, our trial-tested lawyers stand strong as staunch advocates for the best interests of our clients.

Full-Service Divorce Law Firm In Newton, New Jersey

Faith A. Ullmann & Assoc. LLC, can help you with all aspects of your divorce, including:

As certified matrimonial lawyers, experienced parenting coordinators and trial attorneys, we understand all the issues involved in divorce and will tell you what to expect. We always keep the lines of communication open, and we answer phone calls and emails promptly.

An Alternative To Conventional Divorce

There are a variety of methods to work out a divorce settlement. A confrontational, lawsuit-like approach is not suitable for every case and can lead to lingering resentment and bitterness. Instead, divorce mediation gives a divorcing couple the chance to work together to reach a settlement both sides can feel ownership of and accept. Maintaining a cordial relationship with your ex can be a great advantage if you have children together.

Both of our attorneys are also family law mediators. Our firm is passionate about how effective divorce mediation is for many of our clients. If you are considering mediation, we can explain the process so you can decide if it is right for you. If you proceed, we will prepare you for the mediation sessions. You will be ready to negotiate property division and child custody agreements that are reasonably fair and sustainable for both sides.

Talk To An Experienced Family Lawyer

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