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3 major benefits of divorce mediation

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2019 | Family Law Mediation |

When you and your former partner have particularly valuable assets, or when at least one of you has an especially high income, you may need to work through a wide variety of financial and other matters once you decide to go your separate ways. Even former couples involved in high-asset divorces may find that they can avoid spending a good portion of what they have worked hard to amass by opting for divorce mediation, as opposed to a traditional courtroom divorce.

Unless the relationship between you and your ex has become so acrimonious that there is little hope of you ever working together, you may find that working through asset division and other matters using a third-party mediator offers the following benefits.

It is substantially cheaper

Paying for your own divorce attorney often costs a substantial sum, but you and your ex may be able to avoid each having to pay for your own lawyer by instead splitting the cost of an impartial mediator. In some cases, doing so saves former couples thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars.

It is easier for kids

Research shows that children tend to fare better emotionally and otherwise when their parents part ways using a mediator, as opposed to when each parent hires his or her own layer. Divorce mediation is often less stressful for any children involved. It also allows you, the parent, to save more money that you may use to help you and your kids find a new home or what have you once your divorce finalizes.

It is more private

Divorce mediation also helps you keep the details of your divorce more private, should you wish to do so. When you mediate your divorce, you may be able to avoid having any “dirty details” of your split become public, and the mediation process also typically gives you more control over the divorce process than you may have otherwise.

Unless the relationship between you and your former partner is particularly bitter or spiteful, consider whether opting for mediation may benefit you in the long run.