Dina Mikulka is a former Deputy Attorney General who represented DYFS (now known as DCPP) at trial courts, the office of administrative law and appellate courts. This experience has given Dina excellent insight into DCPP / DYFS and how to best advocate for parents facing what is often the most difficult battle of their lives.

Dina is an experienced litigator and is experienced at handling complex child abuse cases, including Munchausen By Proxy, medical child abuse, serious physical injuries, excessive corporal punishment as well as child abuse and neglect situations involving parental substance abuse.

One of the most common mistakes parents make when dealing with DCPP / DYFS is to wait until they are in Court to seek attorney advice.

  • Seek advice from an experienced attorney in dealing with DCPP / DYFS early in the investigation process. Understand your rights and DCPP / DYFS's obligations and authority.

Even if DCPP / DYFS does not take you to Court, there could be long term implications resulting from DCPP involvement in your child custody or divorce case:

  • DCPP / DYFS involvement is serious even if DCPP / DYFS does not take you to court. The Divisions "investigatory findings" can have serious consequences for parents or caretakers who have been found to have committed child abuse or neglect.
  • Some investigatory findings of child abuse / neglect are eligible for appeal to the Office of Administrative Law (OAL).
  • Dina handles OAL appeals and can give you advice even if your DCPP / DYFS case is not in Court.

Dina is a strong, compassionate advocate for parents facing child abuse or neglect proceedings.

  • Dina has extensive experience litigating child abuse / neglect proceedings every step of the way, including Fact Finding Hearings, Motions to Dismiss and Motions to Return Children to parents once the risk has been eliminated.
  • You do not need to wait until DCPP / DYFS elects to return your children to your custody. The law provides options to parents in DCPP / DYFS litigation.

Dina has also represented grandparents and other family members seeking custody of children embroiled in the DCPP / DYFS system, sometimes referred to as "intervention." Grandparents are often told they "have no rights" when dealing with DCPP / DYFS. This is not necessarily so, but it is important to assert your position early in the litigation, before permanent plans have been made.

In addition to her extensive litigation experience, Dina has also been hired as an expert witness in civil litigation against DCPP regarding DCPP's administrative policies and procedures as well as a consultant in civil litigation where children have been seriously harmed in DCPP / DYFS custody and under DCPP / DYFS supervision.

Dina has been a speaker and / or moderator at seminars regarding litigating DCPP cases since 2011. Dina co-authored a published article which specifically addressed the 2013 changes in DCPP / DYFS's investigatory findings (recent court decisions have revised the right to appeal discussed in the article, so consult counsel regarding your rights and options).

Articles on DCPP/DYFUS

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